The Unique Wooden Watch You Need This Fall (Plus, $100 Giveaway)

Happy Fashion Friday Loves! Accessories play such an important role in completing an outfit. I am always on the hunt for accessories which will up my style game. Recently, I came across this unique wooden watch from Jord that caught my attention for all the right reasons! While growing up I have seen my mom and dad were steel watches and I used to wear them too when I was in India. So for me watches by default are made of metal. When I saw that Jord makes watches out of wood my mind was literally blown😱. These watches are not just made of all natural wood, they are incredibly luxurious, handcrafted, and unique wooden watches. And they are sure to amp the style up of any outfit, men’s or women’s! You ask why you need this unique wooden watch this Fall? Read on..


JORD FRANKIE series Purpleheart & Plum

Target Women’s Bishop Sleeve Pullover Sweater Similar here and here

Amazon Velvet Button Front Skirt

SAS Dylan Boots



3 Reasons Why I love this Unique Wooden Watch

Unique AF: Anything in the shade of plum is perfect for Fall. And if you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m obsessed with this shade! When was the last time you saw a wooden watch that was in a purple-plum shade? I bet you’ll say never. Every time I have worn this watch, people ask me where  I got it from because they had never seen anything like it before.


Rugged and Refined: The all-natural wood adds a touch of ruggedness/edge to the look. And the minimalist design refines it. I love this unique combination because it truly captures my personal style.


Goes well with everything: This watch is such a unique, versatile piece that you can wear it with jeans and tee when you are running errands, wear it work with your blazer, or wear it to brunch with cozy Fall sweaters. So no matter what outfit you wear it with, it’s sure to elevate the entire look.


I’m sure by now you guys want to get your hands on this unique wooden watch. So I’ve partnered with Jord Watches to give one of you guys a $100 gift code (yay!) to use on the Jord Site! Isn’t that awesome?! All you have to do is click here, fill in your name and tell them which is your favorite watch! It’s that simple. Even if you win or not you’ll receive a 10% off code. How amazing is that! The contest will close 10/28/2018 at 11:59pm CST. Both the $100 and the 10% off codes will expire on 11/25/2018.

What are you waiting for? Enter now!

Luxury Wooden Watch

You Need This Street Style Target Sweater for Fall

Happy Friday Loves! Although it doesn’t quite feel like sweater weather in San Francisco, I’m sure there are many parts of the country who are enjoying the cool crisp Fall days. Being petite when it comes to sweaters I need to be careful. Because most of the chunky sweaters can make me look like I am wearing a potato sack😂. So I need to make sure my sweaters are more on the fitted structured side. Another thing to keep in mind while choosing sweaters for a petite body is neckline. Turtlenecks are super popular & I love them to death. But all that fabric at the neck can make look like a wobble head😂. Enter mock neck sweaters/tops. Trust me they are a petite girl’s savior. And be rest assured I will rocking them like I did here, here and here. Why am I sharing all this with you? That’s because those are my favorite things about this super cool street style Target Sweater that I am wearing. It is structured enough that it gives me shape, has a mock neckline AND has statement bishop sleeves. Find out more about the look below!


Target Women’s Bishop Sleeve Pullover Sweater Similar here and here

Forever Corduroy Zip Front Skirt

Yesstyle Camel Beret. Similar here

Nine West Square Crossbody Bag – Old. Similar here

Grey Pointed Toe Booties -Old. Similar here



Target Women’s Bishop Sleeve Pullover Sweater Similar here and here

Forever Corduroy Zip Front Skirt

Yesstyle Camel Beret. Similar here

Nine West Square Crossbody Bag – Old. Similar here

Grey Pointed Toe Booties -Old. Similar here

As you saw here I have been gravitating towards pairing reds with another statement color. That’s why paired this sweater with a burgundy skirt rather than a neutral one. The corduroy skirt adds texture to the look and also helps me keep warm. Since the skirt is on the shorter side the tights will keep my legs warm. Sticking to the red palette I added the marroon crossbody bag. The beret adds a touch of French chic to the look. And no Fall outfit is complete without a pair of booties right?

I love this red sweater so much that I also bought the black one too🙈, check it out here. The statement bishop sleeves are definitely my favorite feature of it. You can wear this sweater with jeans, skirt or faux leather leggings. It’s perfect for day or night. Do you know now why you need this street style Target sweater?😜

Thanks for reading!😜

3 Unexpected Color Combinations You need to try for Fall

Happy Style Tip Tuesday Loves! Fall is all about jewel tones and foliage inspired-hues. With all the fluffy cardigans, cozy jackets and boots it may be tempting to wear black, grey and browns all season long. But if you are a fan of colors and don’t want to wrap yourself in neutrals then read on. Adding color to your cool weather wardrobe is the easiest way to brighten your mood and outfit, literally and figuratively. And if that color combination is unique its sure to up your style quotient by quite a few notches. Here are three unexpected color combinations that you need to try this Fall.

Navy + Camel

For the cooler months you tend to pair everything with black but for a unique look, switch out your blacks with navy.



H&M Navy Culottes Jumpsuit – Old. Similar here.

Target Camel Belt Bag

Calvin Klein White Pointed Toe Boots – Sold Out. Similar here

Burgundy + Mustard

Burgundy or maroon is made of a red base. To find the most flattering color, you go directly across in the color wheel which is Yellow. Tones like mustard, tan, brown pair really well with it.



H&M Mustard Sweater – Old. Similar here

H&M Burgundy Felt Hat – Old. Similar here

Navy + Rust

Navy always pairs well with red undertones, which is what rust or burnt orange is.  This is because they are complete opposites, complementary colors make each other seem more intense.



SAS Dylan Boots

YessStyle Boatneck Burnt Orange Sweater

Amazon Velvet Navy Skirt

What are your thoughts on wearing unique color combinations? Do you like to stay classic or go wild? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!


3 Ways to Wear a Midi Skirt in Fall

Happy Fashion Friday loves! I know Summer is over but I am not done wearing skirts. Because TBH the sun has just started to shine in San Francisco. So I thought I would share 3 ways to wear one in Fall. I chose a midi-length skirt because it’s too cold to be wearing the mini ones and my legs need the coverage 😀 I was eyeing this H&M pleated floral skirt for the longest time and I finally bought it. I don’t know what was stopping me. Anyways, I love the moody florals. I’m not really a floral girl (as you can see here) but the dark background on this skirt adds an edge to it. That’s what drove me to it.

Here are 3 ways you can style it

With a black camisole and blazer



If I was still working in a corporate office, I would totally wear this to work. It’s comfortable, polished and chic. I’ve had this H&M blazer for over 5 years now. You can easily dress it up like I did here and I dress it down like here.


H&M Black Pleated Skirt

Target Black Lace Camisole

H&M Blazer – old Similar here

Calvin Klein Black Pointed Toe Boots – Sold Out. Similar here.

Ray Ban dupe sunglasses from Amazon

With a yellow hoodie



I’d wear this over the weekend, to run errands. The cropped hoodie is perfect for my petite frame. I tucked it in the skirt to define my vest. For a more casual look, I went for combat boots. I got these Steve Madden ones from Ross a few years ago. I love that they have satin laces. I think they are a perfect combination of edgy and soft.


H&M Black Pleated Skirt

H&M Yellow Cropped Hoodie – Sold Out. Similar here

Steven Madden Combat Boots – Old. Similar here

Ray Ban dupe sunglasses from Amazon

With a black mock neck


This is my date night look. Mock necks are petite girls savior for the high neck look. If I were a regular turtleneck, the extra fabric around my is super unflattering. I love to break rules so paired the look with white boots instead of the classic black ones.


H&M Black Pleated Skirt

Calvin Klein White Pointed Toe Boots – Sold Out. Similar here

H&M Black Mock Neck – Old. Similar here

Forever 21 Earrings

Target Box Clutch

Do you like wearing skirts? Which one was your favorite look? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!


Links à la Mode, October 4th, 2018

4 Style Tips to Try New Trends

Happy Style Tip Tuesday! Last week I shared with you guys my 5 favorite Fall trends. In the fashion world being “trendy” is not always a good word but I think trends are a great way to refresh your style for a new season or just in general when you feel like you are stuck in style rut. So today I am going to share tips on how you can try new trends.


My favorite way to try a new trend, be it animal print or neons, is to try an accessory. Like a scarf, a bag or a belt. That way you can get a feel of it and see how you feel about it. I am not a big animal print person (I still am not but its growing on it). So I tried it earlier this year with an animal print scarf and loved it.


Shop at Affordable Stores

Shopping at affordable stores lowers your risk because you don’t have invest as much in trends. If you happen to not like it you don’t lose a lot of money. For the longest time, I wanted to try the biker shorts and you know it is a kinda ‘out there’ trend. So I shopped for them at Ross. And scored them for $6 only! I wore this look for the San Francisco Fashion Week and I’m not sure I’d wear it in a regular setting. But all I lose is $6 which I am ok with it 🙃


Pair Trends with Something you Love

Style the new trendy piece with something you love or even with a basic outfit. That way you know you are introducing only one new thing in your outfit. And you won’t feel like the outfit is alien to you. I love blazers so I styled the biker shorts with a plaid blazer and ankle boots.


Don’t wear all trends at once

(Unless you love them all 🙃) Usually, wearing too many trends at the same time can make it seem like you are trying too hard to be “trendy”. Trendy is not always a bad thing. But if you are trying out something new, stick to one or maybe two new trends. Because if you are not comfortable wearing a new trend it shows in your outfit.


Calvin Klein Plaid Blazer

Biker Shorts

Neon Orange Sports Bra

Calvin Klein Ankle Boots – Sold Out. Similar here

What are your favorite ways to try new trends? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading.




How to Style Black Ankle Boots

Happy Fashion Friday Loves! Today is officially the last day of Summer and I am really bummed about it. But I’m also excited to welcome Fall tomorrow. Crisp mornings and cool evenings are in our sights! You know what that means, its time to bring out your sweaters and boots.

Nothing like kicking off your Fall wardrobe with a pair of ankle boots right? So when SAS Shoes reached out to me to check if I wanted to try out their shoes, I was really excited. SAS shoes are handcrafted, use advanced technology and thoughtful design to create beautiful, properly constructed shoes that can be worn from day to night.


SAS Dylan Boots

Boatneck Burnt Orange Sweater

Velvet Navy Skirt





Being in San Francisco I walk quite a bit and most of the times there are hills involved! Finding properly constructed shoes that are both stylish and comfortable definitely is a task! I love these Dylan boots because they are just that. It’s a premium western boot made of soft Italian suede. The plush padded insole provides all the comfort I need for the SF hills. And my favorite detail, the back zipper which makes it easy to slip on.

I firmly believe in investing in things that separate me from the ground. Be it car tires, a mattress or a pair of shoes. So if you are looking for a pair that will last you this season and many more to come, I highly recommend these SAS Dylan boots.


SAS Dylan Boots

Boatneck Burnt Orange Sweater

Velvet Navy Skirt

Top 5 Fall Fashion Trends 2018

Fall is almost here and Sep 22nd marks the official start of Fall, pumpkin spiced lattes, college football, getting ready to dust off those cute booties and cardigans in your wardrobe. To give you guys a head start on building your Fall wardrobe I thought I’d share my favorite Fall trends that you are bound to see everywhere!

Animal Print

If you have checked your Instagram feed I’m sure you have seen animal print popping up everywhere. Personally, I am not much of an animal print person but it has grown on me since Spring. In the Fashion world, leopard is treated as a neutral. So this year is more about animal prints in bold colors like pink, red, yellow etc.



Neon is sort of a sub-trend that’s part of a more broader trend, which is the 80s trend. But I thought I’d list it here by itself because I am especially excited to try this one out. I did try this trend in Summer but I think it’s going to challenging to incorporate neons in the Fall wardrobe. And that’s what excites me about it. forever-21-neon-shorts-white-sweater.JPG

Clueless Plaid

Would it be Fall if we didn’t have any new plaid trend for the season? Well, this year its the clueless plaid that’s all the rage. (If you haven’t yet seen the movie and you love Fashion, you gotta check it out NOW!). Again like the animal print trend, its all about bold plaid pieces in pink, yellow, orange etc. Here’s my take on the trend.


Statement Outer Layers

Think about animal print coats, glossy coats, fringed coats, statement color coats. I am on the lookout for my statement outer layer. But these are my favorites.

Colored Lenses

I had to include on accessory trend because no outfit is complete without an accessory. And for me, no outfit is complete without sunglasses. This Fall we are going to see colored lenses in sunglasses in all the Fall hues yellows, browns, oranges etc. fall-fashion-trend-colored-lenses-sunglasses

These were my favorite Fall fashion trends that I’m looking forward to incorporating into my Fall wardrobe. What are your favorite trends? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

How to Mix Prints Like a Blogger

Happy Fashion Friday loves! Mixing prints can easily elevate any outfit from basic to bomb. But its not always straightforward and can quickly make an outfit look very disconnected and random. I’m pretty new to mixing prints and I thought today I’d share the four tips I follow while mixing prints.


Forever 21 White Blazer – Sold Out, Similar here

Who What Wear Collection Polka Dot Blouse – Sold Out, Similar here

H&M Plaid Skirt, Similar here and here

Target Box Clutch

Marc Fisher Studded Kitten Heels Similar here

Choose One Dominant Print


It’s the fundamental thing to keep in mind while building an outfit mixing prints or not. Take one piece in this case, a print and build your outfit around it. Like in this outfit, the dominant print that I chose was the grid aka window pane print on the blazer from Forever 21. The blazer is the biggest piece of clothing I’m wearing and makes the grid print the dominant print.

Choose Prints in Different Sizes


The prints that you select to pair with your dominant print, make sure they are either smaller or bigger than your dominant print. We don’t want prints to compete for attention, we want them to complement each other. And having a size difference makes it easy. In my outfit, I chose to mix 3 prints well 4 if you look closely 😉 The polka dots on the blouse is smaller than the grid print and the plaid on the skirt is smaller (busier) than the polka dot. So my print sizes go from big, to medium to small. It also goes to tiny if you count the marble detail on my necklace😉

Choose Prints with the Same Color Family


Selecting prints which have the same color scheme helps make the outfit look cohesive. There is already a lot going on in the outfit with the mixed prints. So to tone down the madness and to make the outfit more soothing to the eye, stick to the same color family overall. For my outfit, I chose black & white as my color scheme.

Choose Neutral Pieces to Ground the Look


Neutral or solid accessories can easily ground the mixed prints look. Try and choose accessories in the colors which are in the prints, to bring out that color in the look. I chose a black bag and a black studded kitten heel to bring out the black. Again neutral or solid accessories compliment the outfit.


Forever 21 White Blazer – Sold Out, Similar here

Who What Wear Collection Polka Dot Blouse – Sold Out, Similar here

H&M Plaid Skirt, Similar here and here

Target Box Clutch

Marc Fisher Studded Kitten Heels Similar here

It doesn’t matter if you are mixing 2 prints or 5 prints. If you keep these FOUR things in mind you’ll not go wrong!

Have you tried mixing prints? What are your favorite tips? Let me know in the comments.

michaeldale (2)

3 Wedding Guest Outfits

Happy Fashion Friday loves! Recently, I was invited to a wedding (for the 1st time in the US) and I was super excited to shop for the outfits. It was an Indian wedding reception. And I had thought I’d share the three dresses I shortlisted for it.



Indian weddings are all about color so I wanted to incorporate some color in my look. And I was thrilled to find this unique gown on It has a rare color combination of pink & red which happen to be the two of the most popular colors for Indian weddings. I also love its back. Since the dress was such a statement I kept my accessories to a minimum. Well, minimum being all gold sandals, clutch & earrings. That’s Indian weddings for you, more is more!

Boohoo Pink-Red Maxi Dress

Target Gold Strappy Sandals

Boohoo Metallic Clutch


_DSC7716-2 (1)_DSC7801


This colorful floral number was my other option. Found this beauty on sale for $8 at Target. Can you believe that?! Out of all three dresses, this was the most out of comfort zone. The print & the colors are something I don’t usually go for. I added my favorite Target accessories to complete the look, the bucket bag from the Who What Wear Collection & the black strappy heels.

Target Floral Dress Sold Out – Similar here

Who What Wear Red Bucket Bag

Target Black Strappy Block Heels

Forever 21 Bead & Tassel Earrings


_DSC7896_DSC7836 (1)_DSC7838

This linen number is definitely the more understated of the 3 looks. But I love how the pom-pom trim & the unique stripes make this dress out. This outfit is perfect for a garden wedding. The colors & print will pop against the backdrop. The wedge sandals are key to a garden wedding. They are super comfortable & they will make sure your heels don’t dig into the ground.

Amazon White Striped Dress

Who What Wear Red Bucket Bag

Ugg Wedge Sandals

Untitled design (1)

Photography Credits: Daniela from Lovely Pixels. Go follow her >> @lovelypixelsfoto

Which was your favorite look? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


3 Ways to Save Money Shopping Online

Happy Fashion Friday Loves! You know how much I love shopping on a budget right? Last week I shared my favorite stores to shop on a budget. This week I am going to share my top 3 tips on saving money while shopping online. I’ve been shopping online for 5+ years now, so might I say I am pro-online-shopper? 😜 These tips are more than just signup for a newsletter for coupon codes. So if you are looking to save some major bucks while online shopping, read on!


Do you believe in dreams coming true? Well, Ebates is a dream come true for all us online shoppers. It PAYS us to shop online! Can you believe that? Well, they give you cash back for pieces that you were anyways going to buy. All you have to do is sign up and when you are shopping online if the store is part of the Ebates program a small pop-up will appear to activate Ebates. You just click on it and shop like you do normally. Once you pay you’ll get a part of your purchase back. Once your cash backs each a minimum amount (I think it is $20) you get a PHYSICAL CHECK that you can deposit in your bank!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If that wasn’t good enough, now Ebates offers coupons too. When you activate Ebates on a website it will also check if there are any coupons you can use to save more money! So not only do they give you cash backs they also save money for you! Talk about double savings!


If you’d like to try Ebates sign up using this link:

You will receive $10 just for signing up!


Honey is a Chrome extension that automatically applies coupons & discount codes to your order when you check out. Can you believe that? Imagine the hours you’ve spent looking for coupons! Well, now you have all that time to shop more 😜 Because Honey does the dirty work for you!


Click on the Honey button during checkout and Honey will automatically apply coupon codes to your shopping cart. On Amazon Honey will tell you the best time to buy with price history charts and alerts when your favorite products are on sale.


You know that trench coat you’ve been eyeing all season and waiting for it to go on sale since it came out? You keep on going back to the website to check if it has gone on sale or has the price been reduced? Wish you had an assistant who would do that for you? Well, Shoptgr is just that, your personal shopping assistant!

Image result for how does shoptagr work

Its basically setting an alert, you can set it for any price change, 25% off or 50% off. When there is a price change Shoptgr will send you an email about it. And you can buy it!

Along with these 3 services, you can also:

  • Signup for newsletters to receive coupon codes
  • Follow stores on their social media to receive special codes or flash sale alerts
  • Keep items added to your cart and not buy them immediately. More often than not stores will send you a 10%-20% discount code to get you to buy the items.

I hope you found these tips useful. Do you already use these tips or do you have any tips you can share with us? Tell me in the comments so we can save together!