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What is style?

Often, we associate it with an individual’s outward appearance. While what you put on your skin says a lot about your style, it is only a part of the whole story. Style is an expression of your individuality. A portrayal of your inner self. The coming together of your thoughts, values, characteristics, and belief system in one spectacular outfit.

My Story

As Vrushali-Satarkar-Whar-Vru-WoreI sit down to articulate what styling means to me, I find myself reminiscing about my own journey with fashion. Born and raised in Pune (India), my upbringing was pretty traditional. But I always had the freedom to express myself. In a family of doctors and pharmacists, I decided to pursue engineering. And four years later, there I was, the first female engineer (and still the only) in the family. I always liked doing things which were not necessarily the norm. You know the best part about my first job? I finally had the ability to fund my own closet! I still remember the first piece of clothing I purchased, courtesy my first salary. It was a brick red ribbed kurta from Fabindia. A sleeveless one at that! Yes, it was considered pretty revolutionary. Yet, it gave me a deep sense of joy. That’s when my journey with fashion really began. It is the process of dressing up for work every day that taught me what looks good on me and what does not. There was no aha-moment! Many years of trial and error helped me perfect the art of putting together an outfit that works for my body, which further helped fuel my confidence and drive.

Getting ready, no matter what the occasion, work, play or even a grocery run, has become something of creative cardio! It prepares me for the day ahead, challenges and all. We all have 99 problems, but girl, you don’t want your daily outfit to be one of them!

My Style Mantra

Here are my ‘rules’ for nailing your daily look:

  • Discover who you are: Like I said, it’s all about what’s on the inside. And you want your style to be a *genuine* interpretation of that. Everything else is just a fad.
  • Your clothing choices: Arguably, the most important aspect of style is clothing and what you wear. To really get your choices right, love and understand your body. Not the one you had back in the day or the one you will once you get on board with that diet plan, but the one you have right now! The better you understand your body, the lesser you will need. In other words, it’s the best way to build a meaningful closet. Understanding what works for your frame will further help enhance the process!

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